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Title: A word about 'spam'.
Post by: mobaholic on December 30, 2009, 06:45:22 PM

Some members here think that it is important to fight 'spam', but we all have differing ideas about what constitutes such.

In my Introduction to foneforum (,3.0.html) I laid down our forum rules, but perhaps not quite enough was said there to clarify our position on this subject.

I have always told potential new members that they are welcome to advertise their website in their profile page, but not in their signature panel.  However, I have been surprised today to find no mention of this in the forum rules, when I looked to check.  This post is to redress that omission.

A few members, who have registered here recently, have placed website links in their signature panels, as well as on their profile pages.  There have been objections to this, as it is a custom for spammers to do just such to advertise a commercial venture.  This may well have been done in ignorance of the (apparently previously unspecified) rule.  However, I have now edited their signatures, at the request of a knowledgeable member here, and this post is to specify the reason why, and to apologize to anyone who is upset as seeing a change in their settings, explaining my reason for so acting.

I will repeat that all members are free to advertise their own website on their profile page, and no changes have been made to anyone's profile page.