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Author Topic: Good bye to davidc: continuing welcome to his 'father.'  (Read 2184 times)
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« on: July 05, 2008, 09:52:07 AM »

davidc announced his arrival by making silly suggestions about the illegality of this forum here.

I tried to help him by answering his questions, as did Dave and Mikael.

Mikael's invitation to him was to remain here, and to start to post constructively. However he did not accept that offer, but returned to launch hostile posts directed towards myself, Dave, and mobileman.  ( Whether his hostility was towards this forum, myself, or both, is quite beyond the point ).  His contributions yesterday, two of which were moved to the board for moderation, wasted a lot of my moderators' time, and my own time also.  This is completely unacceptable, and his account is now deleted.

To make the matter crystal clear to all members, I am not banning the member in question: indeed I believe he has had at least one other identity here all along.  He is welcome to remain amongst us for as long as he does not abuse his welcome.  He doubtless thought he was being smart challenging moderators and myself about our own identity, but his ploy in trying to deflect interest from his own multiple identities ( which I believe he has a history and habit of using ) did not avail for him.  I believe that he was once banned on the MSE forum; that I know of at least three identities that he has used on niftylist telecomforum; and also his main remaining identity here.

His main modus operandi is to use proxy servers to disguise his real ISP address, and indeed the admin on telecomforum may have been fooled by this for quite some time.   He gave up one of his accounts voluntarily; one remains; and a third was deleted ( but I don't know whether this was done by himself, or by the forum admin ).  On this forum, he connected through 4 different IP addresses, at least two of which look suspiciously like proxy servers, which made his IP appear to be in Germany, although I am fully convinced that he was in this country all of the time.

The thing is, when you drive a sports car with a distinctive marque like a MG, it is very hard to disguise that fact - even if you put a false badge on it, and try to use foreign number plates to confuse people.  You could repackage a MG anyway that you liked, but I don't think we should be fooled by overlooking its still clear shape and lines.

As I said I have not banned the member himself, but if he sets up other false identities, uses proxy servers, and posts hostile comments again, all of his accounts will then be deleted together.  If I were forced to take that drastic step, I would also make the board, which I know he enjoys reading, a members' only one, to deny him access to it ( so please be warned MG man.    Wink )

That said, if you wish to let bygones be bygones, you are welcome to remain here, and indeed I would welcome some positive contributions from yourself.        Smiley

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