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Author Topic: Update on forum developments  (Read 4569 times)
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« on: October 06, 2010, 10:59:11 AM »

I believe that it is time to share some updates with members here.  There is quite a bit of news to share on the Moderator front.  Changes are afoot, as a result of both good and sad news that I have to share.

To start with the sad news to get that out the way, a number of Moderators have asked to stand down.  Dave has been our global Moderator since the start, but he now wishes to retire from that role.  nixforfun moved back to India quite a long time ago, but this move now looks to be permanent rather than temporary, so it will make sense for him to bow out.  And NewStarter has asked to stand down also, although I am uncertain of his reasons.

My initial thoughts about replacing Dave was to get 3 of our existing Moderators to share his role. This has not been possible to arrange.  One Moderator indicated his willingness to take on another role, but his kind offer came with the caveat that he may be very slow to respond when his own work gets busy.  Others felt fully occupied already, and I shall be saying more about srikanth.nuli later on.  In view of this situation, I have asked Dave to stay on till a suitable replacement has been found.  He has indicated his willingness to stay up to Christmas.  So those few members with the necessary experience to fill that role are cordially invited to let me know of their willingness to do so please.

I should like to thank Nik for his time of service here, and for the support that he gave to me.  I was happy for him to remain a Moderator when he first moved back home as this was then believed to be a short term arrangement.  Now he believes he is staying in India, and he has told me, via email, that he has great difficulties logging in here from there, even when he does have the time.  He is working most extraordinary hours ( he says about 14 hours per day ! ) so members will readily see why he cannot remain in his post here unfortunately.  Thanks Nik.

I am more sad about NewStarter's decision to stand down than with either of the other 2 developments.  I thanks him for all that he is done, and I should like to place it on record that I considered him a most conscientious Moderator.  I am, however, happy that he has told me that he wishes to continue to contribute to the forum, from the 'back benches' so to speak.  I look forward to his doing so.

Now the departure of both nixforfun and Newstarter leaves us with no Moderator at all on the landlines', broadband / VoIP, and other technology related boards.  However, I am pleased to say that we can move on to some good news now, as those positions are being filled.

Firstly, I should like to announce that getcopy has kindly agreed to become a Moderator, and I shall shortly be appointing him to Moderate the landlines board.  he will also co-Moderate on the Technology board.  srikanth.nuli is taking on the broadband / VoIP board, and will share the technology one with getcopy.  I am grateful to them both for kindly agreeing to help.  getcopy tells me that he will not be available in the mornings, but expects to spend some time here in the evenings.  Members are therefore advised not to expect him to be able to answer any PMs during the day.
I give my sincere thanks to both getcopy and srikanth.nuli for kindly agreeing to stand and help us in these ways.

I should like to add one thing before ending this post.  There are members here with the necessary ability and experience to also serve in the role of a Moderator.  I have asked andy, petkow, and amitjajoo in the past to consider such roles, but I have never had a reply from andy, and both petkow and amitjajoo have pleaded too little time so far.  I should like to encourage all of these to reconsider, and to let me know if they would now like to respond to an invitation to serve here.  Thank you.

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« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2010, 11:07:18 AM »

Thanks for the announcement Mh Smiley
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