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Author Topic: The defunct I.O.M. service.  (Read 3057 times)
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« on: May 28, 2008, 10:44:02 AM »

This service based in the Isle Of Man was set up briefly for experimental purposes.

At its height, it had 5 access numbers: two on 07624 numbers, and three on 07924 ones.

At its beginning, the destinations covered were the ones specified for the 10p 0871 number here, PLUS India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

After discussions with members of the niftylist forum ( as it was then called ), various extra destinations were requested, and Mikael gave us his response as follows:-


Thanks for the destination suggestions. I have taken a look and will aim to deal with them as follows:-
Land line destination requests:-

 Barbados ( 4p ). Too expensive

 Brazil ( 1p ). Add on Manx numbers. Already on O2

 Grenada ( 5p ). - Too expensive

 Ireland ( 0.5p ). Already on O2 - should be on Manx too.

 Jamaica ( 2p ). Add on Manx, Too expensive for O2.

 Malawi ( 1p ). Add on Manx numbers. Already on O2

 Mozambique ( 4p ). Too expensive.

 Namibia ( 2p ). - Add on Manx, Too expensive for O2.

 South Africa ( 1p ). Add on Manx, Too expensive for O2.

 Sri Lanka ( 4p ). - Too expensive.

 Sudan ( 7p ). - Too expensive.

 Trinidad ( 3p ). - Add on Manx, Too expensive for O2.

 Zambia ( 1p ). - Add on Manx numbers. Already on O2

 Zimbabwe ( 1p though 0208 access ). - Add on Manx, Too expensive for O2.

Mobile destination requests:-

 Belgium mobiles ( 10p ).

 Czech republic mobiles ( 8p ).

 French mobiles ( 7p ).

 Germany mobiles (5p ).

 Hungary mobiles ( 6p ).

 Liechtenstein mobiles ( 9p ).

 Philippines mobiles ( 3p ).

 Thailand mobiles ( 1p ). Already on O2. Add on Manx.

 All others mobile destinations too expensive.

Please note that the figures placed in brackets were the contemporary cheapest rates shown on niftylist for calling that destination.

The service stopped working with the Call Key demise, which closed most IOM services at the time.

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